To thrive in any business environment requires “professional intuition” – and Owens is intent on helping clients develop it to the point where it becomes second nature. This goal underscores
her personal approach to each client and The Weson Group’s commitment to teach what it
takes to “paint” a successful and fulfilling career.


See Jane's full resume here. 

Mentoring philosophy;

"Some people just 'get it,' when it comes to
knowing what’s really going on in an organization
and using that to good advantage. But the rest
of us can be taught that skill."

About Jane Owens: The Weson Group’s founder and principal, Jane E. Owens, has held senior executive positions at the top of her professional field for more than 25 years. Most recently, she has been
a senior executive and general counsel of three
multinational public companies.


Prior to going "in-house,” Owens was a partner in a national law firm, where she practiced corporate law.

These positions have given her the opportunity to mentor hundreds of professional colleagues in their quests to find career happiness and recognition.



Biggest career satisfaction;

"Spotting talent in others ('I know it when I see it')
and helping them develop it. I like to hire people
who want my job and then mentor them on how
to get it (preferably, elsewhere)."


© 2013, The Weson Group

© 2013, The Weson Group